Kramah Oracle Specialized Education Services (KOSES)

Making your implementation a true success

Maximize the value of your IT investment by leveraging Kramah’s Specialized Oracle Education Services. All instructors have are hands on Corporate trainers , with years of implementation and troubleshooting experience, which they apply to ensure that all classes are relevant and engaging.

Class formats include:

  • Private On-Premise Classes
  • Project Boot camps

Hands-on Labs

All classes combine extensive demonstrations and hands-on labs, to accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Each class offers:

  • Lab-intensive classes – All labs use realistic examples drawn from familiar business contexts.
  • Process/Scenario workshops
  • Course Materials – Instructors utilize materials which are customized to your specific business needs.

Tailored and Custom Instruction

Kramah’s Specialized Oracle Education Services can tailor curriculum and classes to your specific needs, using your business processes to allow your users to directly relate new concepts to their working environment, through:

  • Tailored Courseware: Standard Kramah’s curriculum is utilized, including only the topics which add value to your business.
  • Custom Courseware: Kramah’s curriculum is molded to your specific business processes. Your environment is used to provide screen shots and exercises that your users can easily relate to.

Project Boot camps

We train a number of freshers/ experienced on hot technologies in Oracle , for example SOA /BPEL , OBIEE etc..

Which is the catching up in the market and market demands for the latest technologies are really high,At Kramah we take pride that our Corporate trainers are ex – oraclites and have years of experience in imparting knowledge and are hands on on the technology itself .

For freshers :

The fresher fresh out of college who have a thorough knowledge on Java & J2EE and the prerequisite for the course would be SQL AND PL/SQL.

We bet on the next breed of technologies because we know market to the best , what knowledge areas are really hot and what is not so hot . A fresher who is fresh out of college is typically made to go through a rigour of a set of analytical tests & GD and further taken into the organization and given every other technology training and they are not asked whether they are interested or not.

They are then pushed into projects as shadow resources, they are neither tested on whether they can gel with teams , whether they can code , whether they can handle pressure etc. etc.

At Kramah , we follow the following process of training:

For Experienced :

Those who are wanting to retrain in Hot Technologies are given some live projects after training these could be over the weekends where they have time for themselves to train and be better skilled on technology. For those who need flexibility to retrain on technologies such as SOA /BPEL ,OBIEE, Oracle Apps be rest assured that our trainers are not the folks who have not got jobs anywhere and walked in for training people as the last choice, our trainers are ex-oralites who have contributed immensely to oracle success but also are hands on troubleshooting , installing etc.

Prerequisites : 2 years +,must have been handson SQL/PLSQL