Kramah Cloud CRM Support Product

What We Do and How You Will Benefit

Kramah’s Cloud CRM Support solution provides an effective, hosted Cloud CRM Support application available to any browser on the internet. This allows you to become operational in minutes instead of weeks or months. Our risk-free trials and cost-effective pricing plans allow you to immediately take advantage of the internet's collaborative power - allowing your staff, team, partners and more to all share the same critical information. Know what needs to be done, who is doing it, and when it is completed.

Why Kramah’s Cloud CRM Sales & Warranty Support

KRAMAH Cloud CRM Support service providing an easy-to-use, high performance, hosted Oracle CRM IT Support designed specifically for professional project teams. Kramah’s Cloud CRM Support can be accessed from anywhere in the world with just a browser. Kramah’s Cloud CRM Support lets software development or other corporate project teams focus on identifying post sales support issues and tasks and ensuring they get resolved. You can also give access to customers to login to their issues and check themselves, it not only saves your time on answering the repeat calls by customers asking for status but also allows you to concentrate on getting it resolved .

You could choose to install, configure, and support a complicated client/server or locally hosted application, but why take on that cost and risk? We take care of the infrastructure, including hardware and software, and provide free support and upgrades. All you need to do is sign-in!

Kramah’s Cloud CRM Support offers all the features you would expect in a professional system. If you are a consulting company looking to attract clients, find out about Kramah’s Cloud CRM Support 's freeco-branding feature. Try the free 30-day trial and continue using Kramah’s Cloud CRM Support without interruption when you subscribe. It does not get easier than this.


  • Built on Oracle Technology which gives you robust Control
  • Built on latest Oracle Database 11gr2
  • Track and view issues across multiple projects. You may link any user to any project.
  • Define your own custom fields and control which ones are required.
  • Easy-to-learn and use. Online help is provided.
  • Free support and version upgrades: No software installation is required.
  • Work with dispersed development teams anywhere in the world
  • Provide Kramah’s Cloud CRM Support to clients as value-added service: great for consulting companies
  • Replace our logo with yours for powerful co-branding to your clients and employees.
  • Automated export of your issue data weekly or you may export data at your convenience.
  • Get up and running in less than 10 minutes.
  • Upload attachments to issues or to project libraries.
  • Very configurable, automated email notifications
  • Very fast, even for low-bandwidth connections
  • Very affordable: Our subscribers range from small companies to Fortune 500.
  • Dashboards ,Online reports, quick stats, comments/history/audit trail .

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